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Not every home is the same, so the same cookie-cutter HVAC system might not work as well for every family. First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning is an HVAC contractor in Benicia, California. We can help you choose the HVAC system that will make your home feel comfortable every day.

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Our heating and cooling services include:

-Air conditioner installation and repairs.
-Furnace installation and repairs.
-Mini-split installation and repairs.
-Air quality testing.
-Humidifier installation and repairs.
-Duct cleaning services.

Do you know what's in your air?

Since you can't see the contaminants in your home's air, it's easy to assume the air is clean. But your indoor air can be carrying all kinds of pollution, including dust, allergens, mold, and harmful gases. First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning performs indoor air quality testing that will identify what you're breathing in every day. We can install air filters and humidifiers that will clean and condition your air to help reduce respiratory irritation. Give us a call today!

Get Customized Heating & Cooling For Each Room

Choose a Mini-Split Installation for your residential spaces in Benicia, California, and the surrounding areas.

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